The little things that matter

We don't claim to be 100% perfect, 100% blameless, 100% green, but
we do our best to move toward responsible choices and we hope to do more each year.

As Samuel Beckett said, "to strive for the small things is to achieve big things in time".

N° 01

A responsible production model

A short circuit where everything is produced at a fair price. No overproduction, no unsold items, no destruction.

Collections produced in small series throughout the year and accessories made only from existing materials.

N° 02

Ethical and transparent manufacturing

More than "made in", we have chosen "made how" in all the countries where our pieces are made.

We work with designers and craftsmen to value the place of each actor in the creation process and support local businesses.

N° 03

Responsible and quality materials

"Nothing is lost, everything is transformed".

Accessories made on the principle of upcycling, from dead fabrics.
Swimsuits made from recycled polyester and certified OEKO-TEX.

N° 04

Eco-responsible packaging

Zero plastic goal:
use of alternatives to plastic
- Biodegradable panty liners for swimwear
- Silk paper and paper stickers printed with soy ink, FSC and Acid Free certified
- Recycled, recyclable and compostable cardboard boxes
- No use of plastic for packaging after production

N° 05

This is very important to us
- From this year, ANAVA PARIS will donate 1% of its profits to an association based in Bali to fight against the massive use of plastic and to work to set up systems of sorting and recycling of waste.

- Do you have leisure or school books lying around?

Think of us! We will donate them to a school in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Send them to us at the following address:
5 rue du Heaulme, 95640
Neuilly-en-Vexin, FRANCE

At the 5th book, you will receive a 30% discount coupon on the whole site !